Doing business in France

  • Doing business in France

    International companies choose France because of its strategic position at the heart of Europe, the largest market in the world with 500 million consumers, and because of its membership of the euro zone, which offers the advantages of a single currency in 13 different countries.

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  • Invest in France Agency

    The IFA is responsible for promoting, prospecting and facilitating international investment in France, and for the economic attractiveness and image of the country. The IFA network operates on an international, national and regional basis. The agency works in close partnership with regional development agencies to offer international investors outstanding business opportunities and customized services.

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  • Say OUI to France

    All you need to know before investing in France

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    Good reasons for investing in France

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  • The Quai d’Orsay Enterprise Project

    Throughout the world scholarship programmes are co-funded to boost your international growth; develop your internal and external communication; get future foreign experts involved in your projects; help your sponsorship and pre-recruitment programmes.

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  • "France, why and how ?"

    The Maltese French Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Malta, is pleased to present a conference on business in France, to be held on Thursday 16th October 2014

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