A French Navy’s Falcon at the 2016 Malta Airshow !

The French Navy’s 24F squadron has deployed a militarized version of the aircraft Dassault Falcon 50 to the Malta Air Show in September 2016.

This aircraft has been modified from its original version to create a high performance maritime surveillance jet. Fitted with an “Ocean Master” radar to detect even the smallest ships, an infra-red camera for night missions, and data transmission capabilities, its crew of 5 people can perform a wide panel of maritime surveillance missions. These range from search and rescue to anti trafficking operations.

The French Navy’s 24F squadron is based in NAS Lann Bihoué in Brittany, France, from where it operates maritime surveillance flights over the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea every day.

The 24F squadron initially received four aircraft Falcon 50 in 2001, and then another four in 2014, because of a greater need for the Falcon’s high velocity and ease of use. Today, the French Navy deploys its 8 Falcon 50 in the Caribbean for anti-drug smuggling operations and in West-African countries to cooperate on the control of excessive and illegal fishing activities. These aircrafts are also used in the Indian Ocean to patrol France’s overseas territories and to participate in anti-piracy and international anti-smuggling operations.


Dernière modification : 02/11/2016

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