AFM commander Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi visited the French vessel Beautemps Beaupré

Thursday, February 5, Brigadier General Jeffrey Curmi, Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, visited the hydro-oceanographic vessel Beautemps Beaupré, at the invitation of Capitaine de Frégate Jean-Charles Lauth, Commander of the Ship. M. Frédéric Depetris, First Councellor of the French Embassy in Malta joined them.

The hydro-oceanographic vessel Beautemps-Beaupré is named after the father of French hydrography. It replaces Esperance decommissioned in 2000 and conducts hydrographic and oceanographic researches inshore and offshore for the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOM)

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Brochure de présentation du BHO Beautemps Beaupré
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In hydrography and oceanography military : he participated in the physical, biological, chemical and geological knowledge of the seas and seabed.

In terms of general hydrography: SHOM contributes to the improvement of general oceanographic knowledge insofar as they are relevant to Defence.

The objective is to have a perception of more precise aero-maritime environment.

Side missions of the Beautemps-Beaupré are:

• Experiment with new methods of measurement or research using new equipment in which the underwater acoustics is likely to have an important role;
• Allow time to time, implement towed to test the benefit of marine engines;
• To undertake presence missions in favor of the Navy.
• Perform oceanographic work in favor of Ifremer (10 days / year)

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