Air pollution monitoring : Profil’air® by Ethera

Indoor Air Quality has long been dismissed from our health concerns. However, in recent years, it has become a major social and environmental issue: indoor air pollutants have been proven to cause numerous health problems (asthma, allergies, etc.)

Indoor air quality can be rapidly degraded by the following two factors:

  • a pervasive chemical pollution in building materials and furniture (foams, plastic, paint, flooring, plywood…), releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • an increasing air-tightness in modern energy-efficient buildings (LEED, HQE...), where indoor air is recycled and its renewal is limited.

This problem has been identified as a priority by local authorities. In France, it is an important part of the Grenelle framework and of the National Plans for Health and the Environment (PNSE), which will require from institutions receiving significant public, the monitoring of chemical pollution of indoor air from 2015.

ETHERA’s solutions are dedicated to the diagnosis and monitoring of indoor air quality within public and private buildings.

Emerged from a joint laboratory CEA/CNRS and strengthened
with 5 patents, ETHERA’s technology is based on a unique
know-how of nanoporous materials. Produced from a proven
and mastered process, these innovative materials trap and
concentrate the targeted pollutants. With specific colorimetric
reagents, the detection of the pollutants is based on the color change
of the sensor, whose intensity is proportional
to the pollutant concentration.

The diagnostic kits Profil’air® have been specifically designed for communities. It allows you to easily perform preventive diagnostics on pollutants. We talk about the detection of formaldehyde, benzene and CO2.


These products are among the "34 products of new industrial France", innovating projects supported by the Ministry for Production Recovery (Ministère du Redressement Productif).

Dernière modification : 07/11/2013

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