"Arab Spring" a conference by Monsieur Joseph Maïla

The Embassy of France to Malta, in association with the TPPI (Today Public Policy Institute) and in collaboration with MEDAC (Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies) and AZAD (Academy for the Development of Democratic Environment) shall be organising on October 28th at 4.30 pm at the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in Valletta, a conference dedicated to the Arab spring, presented by Monsieur Joseph Maïla.

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Monsieur Joseph Maïla, Professor of political sociology and international relations, specialised in the Middle East, Islam, and in sociology of conflicts, former Rector of the Université catholique of Paris, is the director of foresight at the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. His conference will give us the opportunity to have an expert view on the revolutions which recently took place in the region and on the evolutions which may be expected.

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(PDF - 143.8 kb)

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