ArteKino Festival [fr]

ARTE Kino, the film festival created in 2016 by ARTE and Festival Scope, will propose ten new European feature-length films selected from the most prestigious film festivals and made available in four languages and in 45 countries.

In all, the online audience is expected to reach 50,000 Europeans.
For this second year of the festival, held from 1 to 17 December, 17 cinemas across France and Europe will allow viewers to watch the films on the big screen as well.
Spectators and online viewers will form the judging panel for the Audience Award.


10 films online or in theatres:

Bright Nights (Helle Nächte) – Thomas Arslan (2017, Germany, 1h26)
Chevalier – Athina Rachel Tsangari (2015, Greece, 1h45)
Colo – Teresa Villaverde (2017, Portugal / France, 2h12)
Godless (Bezbog) – Ralitza Petrova (2016, Bulgaria / France, 1h19)
The Giant (Jätten) – Johannes Nyholm (2016, Sweden / Denmark, 1h26)
The Last Family (Ostatnia Rodzina) – Jan P. Matuszyński (2016, Poland, 2h03)
Frost – Sharunas Bartas (2017, Lituania / France / Ukraine / Poland, 2h)
Scarred Hearts (Inimi Cicatrizate) – Radu Jude (2016, Romania / Germany, 2h21)
Soleil Battant – Clara et Laura Laperrousaz (2017, France, 1h35)
Living and other fictions (Vivir y otras ficciones) – Jo Sol (2016, Spain, 1h21)

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