CALL FOR APPLICATION : Short scientific Internships Grants 2018

Are you undertaking your postgraduate research?

Do you wish to acquire a practical experience in a reputable French laboratory/research institution to back up your studies or scientific career?

...this is your chance!


Apply NOW for an internship jointly being offered and supported by the Embassy of France to Malta, the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the University of Malta!

The Embassy of France to Malta and CNRS are indeed offering grants and travel support to Maltese students/ teachers/lecturers/researchers interested in carrying out research/training in a French laboratory or research institution.
This scholarship programme aims at strengthening cooperation between the universities and research institutes situated in France and the University of Malta (UOM) by intensifying exchanges of students and academics and increasing competences and transfer of knowledge in the field of research.

Please note that French language is not a prerequisite, since English is a common language in French laboratories and research centres.

Public concerned

UOM-affiliated fellows and students currently carrying out research at master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral level are especially concerned since this offers them the opportunity to use advanced equipment and research data of French laboratories and research centres while acquiring an exceptional experience by working with highly competent French and international researchers.

Fields of study

All sciences, including humanities and social sciences, and related fields are concerned: pure sciences, ICT, engineering, aeronautics, medical sciences, environmental sciences, biotechnology, etc.

Application Forms

Application forms can be filled in through the following link:

The application form should be duly completed and should indicate clearly the objectives of the internship and the perspectives to develop and maintain cooperation between the institution of origin of the candidate and the host institution in France. Applicants will be required to include Curriculum Vitae, in the application.

Deadline for applications is: 7th March 2018

It is in the candidate’s interest to apply as early as possible, since there are a limited number of grants available. The applicant should also take into consideration the time needed to be accepted by the French laboratory and we recommend that applications are sent quite in advance.

Selection procedure

The application form and CV will be examined by a Selection Committee, which will be composed by representatives of the French Embassy to Malta and the University of Malta.

The Selection Committee may decide to give preference to first-time applicants who have not yet benefited from the Programme. All applications will be acknowledged, and if accepted, the candidate will be called for an interview.

The internships or training courses will be granted to selected candidates only subject to the approval of the hosting institution, laboratory or university in France.

The internship will start only after approval of the precise subject that will be dealt with during the internship, as well as of the working plan and of the appointment of the training supervisor in the hosting institution.

Selection of laboratory / research centre

Candidates are expected to select the laboratory or research centre which would best respond to their demand The candidates are also encouraged to contact (Either directly or through their Head of Department or research supervisor) the laboratory/research centre in order to make sure the work it undertakes corresponds exactly to the research/study proposed by the candidates. They should also ask whether the laboratory/centre accepts trainees (or as they are known in France: “stagiaires”) for the period they are proposing.
If the application is accepted, the French Embassy to Malta and/or the CNRS will support the request of the candidate to follow the internship at the selected laboratory/centre.

This link provides the major French research institutions in France:

Dates of Internships, Duration and Deadlines

Training courses/internships will be available for the duration of minimum 1 month, up to a maximum of 3 months, according to the nature of the subject or of the project and subject to the overall funding capacities of the programme.

Only requests for internships taking place between the 1st May 2018 and 31st December 2018 can be considered for funding under this Call.

Financial conditions

The grant amounts to 900 € per month, all charges included. Travel costs will need to be borne by the applicant.

Other conditions

Each candidate undertakes in writing, before departure, and upon receipt of the grant, to make a report, which shall be approved by the training supervisor in France and addressed to the Embassy of France and to the University of Malta.

Living expenses including accommodation are directly managed by the candidate. As for accommodation, help and advice might be sought, for instance, from the French supervisor or local international offices of relevant universities and research institutes.

To find out more, you may consult the following links: FNAKwebsite and Campus France.

All postponements or interruptions of the internship will have to be approved by the Embassy of France and the University of Malta, as well as by the training supervisor in France. In case of changes in the duration a refund procedures may be activated. Should the motivation behind the interruption of the internship by the candidate not be satisfying, the candidate will be requested to refund the whole amount of the bursary.

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