The Embassy of Germany and the Embassy of France in cooperation with the Barroco Foundation are hosting on the 8th of May 2013 at 8PM, in Villa Bologna’s gardens in Attard, a unique concert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Friendship Treaty linking France to Germany, which was signed at the Elysée Palace in Paris in 1963.

Agnès Pyka, violinist, and Bruno Robilliard, pianist, will present a program inspired by four French and German composers: Maurice Ravel, Robert Schumann, Gabriel Fauré and Johannes Brahms.

On the 9th of May 1950 during his famous speech, Robert Schuman, the former French minister of foreign affairs, declared : “Europe will not be build all at a time, nor can it be constructed as a whole : it will be made by concrete projects aiming to achieve real solidarity”.

With those words in mind, “The Elysée Treaty” was signed on the 22nd of January 1963 by the president Charles de Gaulle and the chancellor Konrad Adenauer. This agreement set the cooperation objectives between France and Germany. A better cooperation between those two States is established through reforms in multiple areas such as foreign policy, defence, science, culture and Human rights. Moreover, the Treaty worked in favour of European institutions: the European Economic Community was greatly improved through the Franco-German alliance. Europe’s dark memories of the Franco-German war of 1870 and the two world wars were definitively put aside.

Symbolically taking place on the 8th of May, commemorating the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the concert will remind us all of the value of the efforts made in favour of a unified and pacific Europe and the importance of the relationship between France and Germany regarding the European integration process.

Detailed program

Presentation of the musicians

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