CampusFrance aims to develop and promote abroad the higher education system and French training. This website, whose content is available in French or in English amongst others, provides extensive information on training opportunities, preparation of an upcoming departure and/or conditions of life whilst on location.


Why choose to study in France?

Several "Guidelines" published by CampusFrance provide concise but comprehensive details on studies and student life in France. "Choose France", "Living in France" and "Degrees 2015” explain everything you need to know about studying in France.

Learning about training courses and funding opportunities

For more detailed information, the Degree descriptions explain the specificity of certain French diplomas, which do not always carry the same equivalence in other European countries, but may still be of interest to international students.

The Research Profiles may be useful to future doctoral students, as they provide the option to obtain information on the latest research method for a particular discipline.

A search engine provides access to the various courses available in English, to ensure that one’s proficiency of the French language is not an obstacle when studying in France.

A second search engine provides information on the grant programs available in order to finance one’s studies in France.

Grant Search Engine

Preparing your arrival

The Arrival Sheets allows one to anticipate and to not forget anything during their pre-departure as well as explaining the formalities to be completed on arrival.

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