Celebrating the Francophonie

Each year, on the 20th of March the Francophonie is celebrated throughout the world.

In Malta, the event launching this celebration will see the resident Ambassadors of member States Organisation internaltionale de la Francophonie (http://www.francophonie.org/English.html), Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Greece, and Tunisia, as well as Italy, in collaboration with the University of Malta , debate on: “Francophonie: language, identity, freedom” .

This debate will be followed by the projection of Youssef Chahine ’s film “Destiny” in Arabic (with French sub-titles)

This event will be held on Wednesday March 16, at 5.30 p.m. in room LT 1 “Pietru Pawl Saydon” at the University of Malta,

“The destiny”, of Youssef Chahine (1997)

Youssef Chahine , the French-speaking Egyptian director deals with religious fanaticism. Engaged near his hero, the Islamic philosopher Averroès, he defends a concept of life based on tolerance and sharing, against those who want to bind society to a rigorous application of the Coran. “If there is a message in the Destiny, it is this one: the necess ity to be involved in this battle. Averroès incarnates what I ’ve advocated all along : openness towards the other” (interview with Télérama, October 15, 1997).

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Opinion piece by 7 resident Ambassadors to Malta
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