Book of condolences - Terrorist attacks in France [fr]

All persons who wish to send a message of condolence shall use the following address: Please specify in your message : "For publication on the embassy’s website"

The Embassy of France wishes to thank all those who sent messages of sympathy.

Your Excellency,
On behalf of Mr Joseph Bugeja and all the council members of the MFCC, please accept our condolences and solidarity following the tragic events which took place in Paris last night.
We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.


Odette Vella
Chargée de Mission
Maltese French Chamber of Commerce


My sincere condolences and solidarity from me and our staff in these difficult days.
If I and my company can be of assistance, feel free to contact us.
Tonio Galea
Head Foreign news
Media Link Communications


Your Excellency
On behalf of the National Council of Women Malta, I send you our condolences and sympathy for the great loss of life after the horrible attacks in Paris on Friday night.
Our prayers and solidarity are with the families of those who died and those injured,
France and the French People are strong and will never give in to the terrorists.
Our hearts go out to you in this time of sorrow.
Doris Bingley
Hon General Secretary


I just want to express my sorrow and solidarity with you in this terrible and saddening moment.
mj bruno


Your Excellency,
On behalf of the members and committee of Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, I would like to express our deepest sympathy for the barbaric Paris attacks last Friday.
Our thoughts are with those who were injured and the families of those who died in this horrific attack, and we pray that they, as well as every resident of Paris, may find the strength to deal with the resultant trauma.
Our hearts go out to you in this time of grief,

Astrid Vella,
Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar


I would like to express my sincerest condolences to HE Ambassador Beatrice Le Fraper du Hellen and everyone at the Embassy of France in the aftermath of the horrific terror attacks in Paris.

Professor Stephen Calleya


Dear Madame Ambassador,
I would like to express my most sincere condolences for the victims of that extreme act of barbarism which has hit the heart of France last night.
Our prayers and solidarity are with you and the French nation at this most solemn time.

Michael Attard
Managing Director Michael Attard Imports Ltd.


Madame Ambassador
I am dropping you this short note to express my deepest sympathy to France and all those families who lost their loved ones during last Friday evening’ tragedy that hit Paris. Such barbaric acts certainly need to be brought to an end.


Joseph Zammit Tabona


Dear Ambassador and all

I wish to convey my solidarity with you and the French people for this cowardly act that has brought such tragic consequences for many innocent people.
May France remain the beacon of Liberty Equality and Fraternity in the world
Best regards
Simone Borg


Madame l’Ambassadeur,
Mon époux et moi-même et toute la famille, nous partageons la douleur, le deuil où ce crime horrible a plongé la plus belle ville du monde et toute la France.
Nous admirons l’unité nationale et la résolution ferme de la résistance et du refus de la xénophobie.
En exprimant nos condoléances, nous souhaitons au peuple français bon courage devant cette épreuve qui nous a tous sidérés et choqués.
Veuillez agréer, Madame l’Ambassadeur, l’expression de nos salutations distinguées, auxquelles s’ajoutent nos vœux pour une solution durable et nos prières.

Carmen Depasquale


Dear Mr Le Marc,
Meeting consul Mme Delphine Vidal and yourself yesterday, in the relaxed atmosphere of St George’s Square, makes it so much more shocking to hear the news of the so many dead in yesterday’s nights Paris terrorist attacks.
I pray for France, the innocent victims and its leaders.
A day of sadness, indeed, and suffering.
With my best wishes.

(Mgr Dr) Joseph Farrugia


Dear Laurence,
On behalf of my colleagues, family and friends, we are deeply saddened for the events that happened in Paris on Friday
We are with you and in out thoughts
Kind Regards,

Brian Caruana


My dear friends in France,
It is with a heavy heart that I write to you this email following the tragic events in your capital city.
First of all I hope that all of you are in good health and hope also that your loved ones are in good health too.
Kindly do send your news to put my mind to rest.
My thoughts are with all of you.

Dr Immanuel Mifsud

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Anton Borg, Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry
(PDF - 138.8 kb)

Dear Friends,
In light of the horrific terror attacks in Paris this weekend, we feel compelled to offer our most sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones and to wish a speedy recovery to all those injured.
We feel compelled to show you our support.
Vive la France!

Art Market

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Gozo Business Chamber
(PDF - 378.2 kb)
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Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo
(PDF - 1.7 Mb)

H.E. Ms. Béatrice le Fraper du Hellen
Your Excellency,
It is with deep grief that I wish to express my pain at the horrific massacre of so many innocent lives, which occurred in Paris last Friday. In solidarity with the families of the victims of this violent terrorist act, with the citizens of Paris and the people of France, I, together with all peoples of good will the world over, mourn and honour them. I pray that the costly sacrifice of their lives will not be in vain!
May the combat against such a destructive ideology and its consequent terrorism, which led to this evil act will, eventually, be overcome by an authentic lasting peace and coexistence as members of the one human family.
With deep sympathy,
Yours sincerely,

Fr. Konrad Grech S.J.


Your excellency,
We at The Xara Palace - Relais & Chateaux and all under the Infinitely
Xara umbrella want you to know that you are in our thoughts and that we are holding you close in these chaotic and difficult times.
We stand close to you and only hope that such events will never happen
I only hope that your family and friends are safe.
Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

From all of us.

Justin Zammit Tabona
Managing Director, Infinitely Xara


Chère Béatrice,
c’est avec un cœur très lourd que je vous exprime mes profondes condoléances.
Que le Seigneur de l’Histoire puisse nous redonner la paix et la sérénité dans nos esprits repoussant toute pensee averse a ’ la foi dans la valeur de la vie humaine et a la civilisation qui est notre patrimoine.
en toute sincérité.
En vous embrassant, j’embrasse toute la France, ma deuxième Patrie !
Salvino Busuttil


Nationality, ethnicity, religion and race, even though they should not, tend to divide us. Music should remind us that, above all, we are part of one humanity. So it is despicable to see that violent assaults are targeted to houses and patrons of the arts. As a reminder of the one humanity we belong to, the Aurora Opera House (Gozo, Malta) sports the French colours, with sympathy, empathy and support. #ParisAttacks

Matthew Sultana



On behalf of the Malta Association of Hospitality Executives Council and members, kind accept our sincere condolences following the atrocious, barbaric and inhumane attack of yesterday evening in Paris.
We assure your Excellency that our members and hotel and restaurant employees will do what is required to protect French Nationals holidaying in Malta.
We are sure that France will come out of this atrocious attack stronger then ever.
Sincerely yours,
Joseph Attard MSc (Edin), MBA, MAHE
President - Malta Association of Hospitality Executives


H.E. Ms. Béatrice le Fraper du Hellen

Your Excellency
I wish to convey to you, to M. Laurent Croset, to your other staff at the Embassy and to all the French people, also on behalf of my colleagues at Din l-Art Helwa, our deep expression of sympathy, grief and solidarity at the deplorable atrocities that were commited in Paris last Friday. The world was truly shocked and saddened at the horrific news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We are sure that even at such difficult times, the French nation will continue to demonstrate the valiance and heroism that it has always shown and that eventually justice will triumph.

With my sincere condolences

Cettina Caruana Curran
Co-Ordinator Social Events/Council Member
Din l-Art Helwa


Cher Monsieur, Madame,
Au nom de toute notre école, nous aimerions partager avec vous et tous les Français notre solidarité et notre compassion en ces moments difficiles et douloureux que traverse la France.
Bien cordialement,

Collège du Sacré Coeur, Victoria, Gozo


Chère Madame

J’aimerais partager avec vous l’hommage de mes élèves aux victimes des attentats ainsi que quelques pensées.

J’ai toujours été passionnée de ma profession de professeur de Français, mais je le suis encore plus aujourd’hui, car je représente une patrie de valeurs et de principes honorables. Je vois dans les yeux de mes élèves une curiosité, même j’ose dire, une admiration. Ces derniers jours, mes cours ne ressemblaient plus à des cours de FLE mais plutôt à des cours de philosophie, d’éducation civique ou de civilisation. Dès que je rentre, elles me demandent : «Madame, mais pourquoi ils ont fait ça à la France ? …. Madame, c’est vrai que c’est la guerre ? … Madame mon père m’a dit que, etc…» Elles veulent bien sûr, ma version des faits, car je représente pour elles le plus proche repère avec la France … et cela me rend heureuse et fière aussi.


Daniela Coppini
St. Joseph Senior School Sliema

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