Conferences of Professor Carmen Depasquale and Rear-Admiral François Bellec


On the occasion of the visit of the French destroyer "Le Tourville", the Embassy of France, in collaboration with the French Alliance, organize two conferences in French at the Europa House on the 25th february at 1800hrs:

  • Professor Carmen Depasquale: "La Course Maltaise dans une "Littérature Française de Malte" du XVIIIème siècle"
  • Rear-Admiral François Bellec: "L’empreinte de la croix de Malte sur la marine de France"

    The selected topics illustrate, though the example of the French Navy history, the richness and narrowness of the links uniting France and Malta.


    please download here:

    PDF - 125.1 kb
    (PDF - 125.1 kb)

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