Cultural Relations


It relies essentially on the Alliance Française de Malte. This institution established in 1959, whose director is also the Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Action, remains the benchmark of quality for learning French language. It celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2009 and has been on this occasion, renamed "Alliance Française de Malte-Mediterranée". Since September 2008, our cultural cooperation with the archipelago is part of both the willingness to restructure our educational potential within networks offering a better visibility, and the willingness to intensify our cultural relations to allow, in a regional approach, better collaboration between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

  • Reorientation of our policy of support for French and strengthened academic cooperation

    Maltese (national language) and English (official language) are taught from primary school and are compulsory in all secondary schools. During the five years of college, French is Maltese students’s second prefered language, and 43% of the pupils learn our language between 11 and 16. Between 16 and 18, the percentage drops to 9.5% and to 1.53% at the university.

    The increased number of educational scholarships has allowed young French teachers to travel to France for a period of language development and learning. An association of French teachers was created in order to create a professional body that could play an intermediary role in our linguistic cooperation. To allow, finally, the Maltese students to pursue higher studies in France and to give new life to the program offered by the Alliance Française, the DELF / DALF have been implemented.

    Strengthening university cooperation in science continues, especially through short-term fellowships, awarded to young scientists wishing to integrate French research laboratories. Several actions undertaken since 2006 have encouraged the creation and development of links between our universities and the University of Malta, in aeras such as science, law, or European affairs, hitherto non-existent. Partnerships should be intensified through membership of the University of Malta to the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

  • Cultural projects at a Mediterranean dimension

    The Maltese authorities have been sensitized to the organization of joint projects in the fields of music, dance and mass events (Sleepless Night music festival held for the first time in the island in June 2007) . The major companies and local banks are also discovering the benefits of sponsorship and represent a significant extra funding for major art events.

    More recently, our embassy involved European partners to Mediterranean regional projects. On February 27, 2009, in the presence of Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, the concert "One Voice" brought together Israelis and Palestinians musicians and singers, willing to carry a message of peace after the conflict in Gaza.

    A meeting of writers from the French Navy (Yann Queffelec, Olivier Frebourg, Admiral Bellec, Loic Finaz and Patrick Poivre d’Arvor) was held April 12, 2009 aboard the Jeanne d’Arc, a training ship of the Navy, to showcase contemporary French literature.

    An operation aimed at promoting the products of French gastronomy, called "Art of French life" was also performed in Malta from May 22d to May 24th. 24

    Seminars and conferences were held throughout the year in partnership with the Maltese think tank "The Today Public Policy Institute (Ernest Antoine Sellière, Jean-François Fogel and Albina du Boisrouvray already occurred since the beginning of the 2009).

    Finally, as part of the project Ulysse, in 2009, speakers of different nationalities of the Mediterranean countries were invited on a boat from the navy to come and talk about iconic figures easily identifiable on both sides of the Sea (St. Paul, Albert Camus, Ibn Arabi, ...). The boat stopped in Tunis, Cyprus and Beirut for the opening of the World Book Fair in October 2009.

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