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Committed to addressing the environmental as well as the financial deficit

During a meeting this morning with a delegation from the French Senate made up of Senator Philippe Darniche, Senator Charles Revet and Beatrice Geraudel also accompanied by the French Ambassador to Malta Michel Vandepoorter, Minister Leo Brincat said that our country is committed to address the environmental as well as the financial deficit, while continuing to gear up its work in favour of economic growth.

Minister Leo Brincat said that in the same way in which, over the years, our country had shown commitment and support for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, now it is equally committed to supporting the United Nations in its move towards other goals which are the Sustainable Development Goals, whilst also hoping that in the near future an agreement is reached about them.

He said that the Maltese Government is looking forward to examine and study the report on climate change prepared by a group of leading scientists from around the world and which will be published towards the weekend by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which the United Nations had set up in 1988. This is especially so, since a similar study has not been done in six years.

Minister Brincat spoke about the ongoing work in his Ministry on the plan and strategy of waste management, on the establishment of a new Environment Authority, on the implementation of the National Policy about the Environment as well as ongoing work with other ministries to draw up a plan of action about Green Jobs.

He referred to the intensive campaign that his Ministry was running for the promotion of cleaner air and this in order to raise awareness about this problem.

He said that he wishes that the move to cleaner air, which is a central issue in the Government’s programme, would be the hub of many other aspects relating to the establishment of a new Environment and Resources Authority. And this in accordance with the electoral mandate achieved by this Government in order that the problems and challenges of environmental issues are addressed with seriousness and commitment, Minister Brincat concluded.


"The good political and economic ties between Malta and France can become more effective when the interparliamentary dialogue between them is strengthened." The Maltese Speaker (of the House of Representatives) Anġlu Farrugia commented thus when he met this morning French Senators Philippe Darniche, from the region La Vendée, and Charles Revet from the region of La Seine-Maritime, who are respectively the President and a member of the Group of Interparliamentary Friendship between the French and Malta. The Senators, accompanied by the Executive Secretary of the Group Béatrice Geraudel, are on a visit of a few days in Malta as the guests of the Maltese Members of Parliament who belong to the Group of Friendship with France.

During the meeting, where the Honourable Justyne Caruana who leads the Maltese parliamentarians in this Group was also present, the Speaker mentioned how the historical ties between the two countries, going back centuries, have resulted in what he called mutual affection. Many Frenchmen have, over time, left their mark in Malta, as did many Maltese who were given a French passport in the past after the revolution in Algeria and Tunisia when they were denied an English passport at the time when Malta was still a British colony, and they ended settling down in France. As examples, he mentioned the current President of the National Assembly of France, Claude Bartolone, who has a Maltese mother, and the former minister of Agriculture Edgard Pisani under French President Charles de Gaulle, who was also of Maltese descent.

The Speaker Anġlu Farrugia reiterated that, whilst France has a special interest in the Mediterranean, in the same way as Malta, the contribution which the two countries can make towards a greater Europe of tomorrow will certainly be more fine-tuned when they work together and coordinate their efforts in regional fora. This cooperation, when driven by close contact and harmony between the Maltese and French parliamentarians, will then result in a positive effect also on the other relations between the two countries, the Honourable Anġlu Farrugia concluded.

Les Sénateurs Charles Revet (1er à droite) et Philippe Darniche (2ème en partant de la gauche) avec le Speaker Anglu Farrugia (au centre)
L'Ambassadeur Michel Vandepoorter et les anciens Présidents Ugo Mifsud Bonnici et Edward Fenech Adami - Réception à la Résidence de France - 24/09/2013
Le Speaker Anglu Farrugia - Réception à la Résidence de France - 24/09/2013
Les Sénateurs Charles Revet et Philippe Darniche avec le Ministre du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et du Changement Climatique Leo Brincat
Les Sénateurs Charles Revet et Philippe Darniche avec le Ministre du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et du Changement Climatique Leo Brincat
Les Sénateurs Charles Revet (à droite) et Philippe Darniche - Réception à la Résidence de France - 24/09/2013

Members of Friendship parlementary group France-Malta :


  1. DARNICHE Philippe, NI, Président
  2. AUBAN Bertrand, SOC, Vice-Président
  3. SITTLER Esther, UMP, Vice-Présidente
  4. FORTASSIN François, RDSE, Secrétaire
  5. AÏCHI Leila, ECOLO, Secrétaire
  6. CUKIERMAN Cécile, CRC, Secrétaire
  7. ADNOT Philippe, NI
  8. DEMERLIAT Jean-Pierre, SOC
  9. HUSSON Jean-François, UMP-R
  10. MAYET Jean-François, UMP
  11. PIERRE Jackie, UMP
  12. PINTON Louis, UMP
  14. REVET Charles, UMP
  15. SAUGEY Bernard, UMP
  16. TRILLARD André, UMP


  1. Hon. Justyne CARUANA (PL) Leader
  2. Hon. Carmelo ABELA (PL)
  3. Hon. David AGIUS (PN)
  4. Hon. Jason AZZOPARDI (PN)
  5. Hon. Luciano BUSUTTIL (PL)
  6. Hon. Michael FALZON (PL)
  7. Hon. Christopher FEARNE (PL)
  8. Hon. Claudio GRECH (PN)
  9. Hon. Paula MIFSUD BONNICI (PN)
  10. Hon. Stephen SPITERI (PN)

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