Documents required for Schengen visa


The form must be completely and legibly filled in with black or blue ink, signed by the applicant and dated.


The color photo must be recent, passport size - 2" x 2" (4,5cm x 4,5cm) and showing the full face, the forehead hairline and ears on a white background.

1 PASSEPORT or travel document (+ 1 copy of the identity page and the validity of the passport) valid for at least three months following the last day of your stay in France.

The validity of your passport cannot exceed 10 years from the date of first issuance. Make sure the passport has at least two blank pages left for visa purpose. Only these pages can be endorsed with the visa. Amendment pages can in no way be used for visas.

1 valid RESIDENCE permit in Malta for at least 3 months following the last day of your stay in France.


complete personal itinerary or round trip ticket with confirmed dates. Open tickets are not accepted. Book your trip but we advise you to not purchase your tickets until the visa has been approved.

1 PROOF OF ACCOMODATION (for the whole length of your stay)

- confirmed and personal reservation by fax from the hotel(s) in France and in the Schengen countries to be visited and which must be sent directly to you and not to the Consulate, confirming your reservations for each night you will spend in France and the Schengen States (we do not accept emails nor online internet reservation confirmations),

- personal hotel vouchers confirming your booking for a tour with names and addresses of all hotels with the number of nights stay in each,

- if you are staying with family or friend(s) you must present a certificate of board and lodging "Attestation d’Accueil", which has to be obtained by your relatives or friends at the city hall ("Mairie"). The original needs to be stamped by this consulate to be valid and should be presented upon arrival in France.


- your last 3 monthly bank statements, Internet printed copies are not accepted

- your last 3 paystubs,

- an up-to-date letter from your employer in Malta mentioning your annual salary, stating that your requested time of absence has been approved and confirming your continued employment on your return
- if your financial means are not sufficient, you may also provide a notarized letter from your sponsor stating he/she will be responsible for all your expenses and a proof of his/her financial means

If you are a business owner:
- your business permit, license or registration

- your last tax returns (first 5 pages)

- your last 3 monthly bank statements, Internet printed copies are not accepted


A letter from an insurance company (+ 1 copy) stating that you will be covered for any medical, hospitalization and repatriation expenses (the three words must be written) during your stay in the Schengen countries. If your current insurance company does not provide such a coverage, please find an international insurance company.

If you are traveling for business in France, the following documents, are also required:

An official business invitation letter from a company in France and a letter from your employer in Malta stating:
- that you are going to France on their behalf and for what purpose
- the name, address and contact number of the company to be visited
- that your employer takes full responsibility for all your expenses while in France.

If you are attending a conference in France, please provide the name, location, and a contact person for that conference with registration or invitation.

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