Economical Relations


Franco-Maltese exchanges are good-leveled.
Although trade between the two countries have substantially decreased in comparison to 2007 (-17%), they remain at an excellent level reaching 835 million euros. Malta ranks 76th as largest country suppliying France and is our 67th client country in 2008. France is one of Malta’s largest trade partners : in 2007 as in 2008 it was Malta’s third client, after Germany and Singapore, and its third supplier after Italy and the United Kingdom.

French presence is important to the Maltese economy.
French investments (about fifteen entities in early 2008), although relatively stable and discrete, are very important for the country’s economic activity, especially with the presence of the Franco-Italian STMicroelectronics, the largest employer and largest exporting group of the island (50% of exports), and with the private armament company CMA CGM, exploiting the modern container harbour in Malta (12% of container traffic in the Mediterranean).
We can underline, since 2008, the settlement in Malta of several French companies in the financial sector, such as Natixis, PSA, RCI, BNP Paribas for banking, the insurance company April and various gambling companies with French capital.

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