Electric Cars : New Grant Scheme on the Purchase of Electric Vehicles

Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, has launched a scheme in the form of a grant to incentivise the purchase of Battery Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Quadricycles..


This scheme is aimed at reducing the number of old motor vehicles from the road and thus reducing pollution. Subject to various conditions, the grant is divided in three. A grant of €4,000 will be given to persons registering an electric car and €1,500 to those registering an electric quadricyle. The grant shall increase from €4,000 to €5,000 in case of persons registering a Battery Electric Vehicle while at the same time; de-register another internal combustion engine propelled vehicle which is at least 10 years old from the year of its manufacture.

The Government has allocated € 300,000 over the next 24 months for this scheme. Applications will be handled on a first come first served basis.

This is another initiative of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and Transport Malta policy to promote electromobility in Malta, after the publication of the Malta National Electromobility Action Plan (MNEAP) and the set up of the Malta National Electromobility Platform (MNEP).

Besides of promoting sustainable mobility, the scope of these initiatives is to assist the government in addressing Malta’s National environmental targets, which range from climate change and energy targets as well as the improvement of Air Quality. Another scope of these grants is also to assist the new technology to achieve a level of market penetration, assisting both the Car Manufacturers as well as potential owners who want to purchase the new technology being put on the market.

The government is also in the process of putting in place the first phase of Malta’s National Electric Car Charging Network on a national scale. The charging infrastructure roll out will take place in phases and scaled to meet the demand by 2020 as indicated in the MNEAP

Source : www.transport.gov.mt/land-transport/electric-cars (application form available on TM website)

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Electric Cars Government Notice 14th February 2014
(PDF - 171.4 kb)

Learn more on www.electricvehiclesmalta.eu/

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