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PBS and France24 have come to an agreement that allows TVM and TVM2 to broadcast five TV shows from France24 information channel, starting in October


TVM and TVM2 will be transmitting the following programmes during the October 2015 - June 2016 schedule :

The 51%

Synopsis : « The 51% » is a programme about women reshaping our world. The weekly magazine brings you stories from across the world about women who are challenging the way we think.

TVM2 Monday 1000hrs, 1430hrs and 1930hrs & TVM Saturday 08:00 hrs



Synopsis : How do artists and writers see the world? France 24 takes you beyond the headlines to the crossroads where culture meets the news and engages with what’s happening in our lives today.

TVM2 Monday 1045hrs, 1515hrs and 2015 hrs & TVM Saturday 08:45hrs



Synopsis : All the best of Parisian catwalks and behind the scenes at the big names in Haute Couture.

TVM2 Monday 1040 hrs, 1510hrs and 2010hrs & Saturday 08:40 hrs & TVM 0720hrs



Synopsis : France 24 explores the digital revolution and checks out the latest technological trends.

TVM2 Monday 1030 hrs, 1500hrs and 2000hrs - Friday 1945 hrs & Saturday 08:30 hrs & TVM 1725 hrs


Down to Earth

Synopsis : In the run up to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, France 24 travels across the globe and meets the people behind the most fascinating environmental, health and technological innovations that aim to find sustainable solutions for our changing world.

TVM2 Monday 1015hrs, 1445hrs and 1945hrs & TVM Saturday 0815hrs


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