‘Francophonie’ musical evening [fr]

As part of the Francophonie Program 2016 and in cooperation with the ‘Strada Stretta Concept’ a musical event was organised on Wednesday 9th March at the Splendid bar in Strait street .

Many thanks to à Giuseppe Schembri-Bonaci, Claire Ghigo , Joseph Lia, Yuri Charyguine and Gjorgji Cincievski for a tremendous maltese, francophone and Mediterranean evening of music!

The French Embassy provides its full support to the ‘Strada Stretta Concept’! This was also as result of excellent collaboration with Valletta 2018, the Alliance française de Malte Méditerranée (A very big thank you to the Alliance for the Armagnac !), the Ambassador of Tunisia and the Ambassador of Egypt…

See you on Strait Street very soon for the Music Festival!

For more information on "francophonie", please visit the OIF website and the website of French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


Dernière modification : 11/03/2016

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