French and US Presidents discuss prospects of peace returning to Europe

Paris, 8 March 2023

President Macron spoke on the telephone to Mr Joe Biden, President of the United States of America, on Tuesday 7 March 2023.

The two presidents talked about the situation in Ukraine. They reiterated their determination to provide Ukraine with the necessary military support for as long as necessary to thwart the Russian aggression. They likewise reaffirmed their shared goal of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity being restored.

Following on from the discussions in Paris on 8 February 2023 with the Ukrainian President and German Chancellor, President Macron talked to his American counterpart about the longer-term prospects of a return to peace in Europe. Among other things, the two presidents discussed security guarantees which could be provided to Ukraine in this framework.

President Macron also welcomed the continuation of discussions on the Inflation Reduction Act following the State visit in December 2022, in order for the legislation’s impact on European countries to be taken into account.

Finally, the two presidents talked about the situation in the Indo-Pacific region and in Iran./.

Dernière modification : 14/03/2023

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