French national day in Malta.

The celebration in Malta of the French national day reflects a more promising and confident relationship between both countries.

The garden party on 14 July, in celebration of the French national day was held in the pleasant gardens of the French Ambassador’s residence in Zebbug, where more than 500 people attended the event.

Addressing President Abela to thank him for participating in the French national feast, Mr. Vandepoorter highlighted the excellent links established between the two countries, reminding us that “Mr. François Hollande was the first incumbent French Head of State in history to visit Malta” during the 5+5 Summit in October 2012, “which was organized so well by the Maltese Government”. “More recently, the new Prime Minister, the Honorable Joseph Muscat, kindly reserved to France his first bilateral visit after assuming office”. This act proved to be a true sign of friendship and that of a shared sense of responsibility to tackle the European crisis with concrete measures and offer new prospects to Europe.
To emphasise this point, “other ministerial and parliamentary meetings are being prepared” the French Ambassador later stated.

The French-Maltese relationship has also been strengthened in the economic sphere, as underlined by President Abela’s speech, with clear evidence revealed in the growing commercial and tourism figures. The French Ambassador also recalled that Renault electric cars were chosen for the testing of electro-mobility, in a recently-launched project by the Maltese government” and that the French Embassy, in partnership with the Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce, is preparing events “to attract French companies in Malta to become aware of the opportunities offered by “a vibrant Maltese economy”.

In addition to President Abela, notable guests at the party included Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri, Vice Prime-Minister Louis Grech, Speaker of the House of Representatives Anglu Farrugia, leader of the opposition Simon Busuttil, Foreign Minister George Vella, numbers of political figures, both from the government and opposition party, as well as other prominent participants in the business, cultural and artistic sectors.

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