Good France 2017, to start with : Legligin !

In Maltese the word “Legligin” – an onomatopoeia equivalent to the English “glug glug” - means “people who like to gather to have a talk and a few drinks”.

Santa Lucia Street, 117, Valletta : you arrived at Legligin, where Chris Mifsud Bonnicci and his wife Ljubov will give you a warm welcome.


One can feel this atmosphere in Santa Lucia Street. Legligin is indeed as much a wine bar as a restaurant. Open in 2007, only one room without kitchen at the beginning – Chris would cook home and bring the food every day from St Paul’s bay ! – the restaurant has now two rooms and about forty covers.


The specialty is not a particular dish but a concept : the “Tnaqqir”, that is a combination of small plates of every kind of Maltese traditional food, to share and to snack.


The chef Cyrille Darras arrived at the beginning of the year. For Good France on the 21st, she has prepared a menu mixing French traditional cuisine and the spirit of the Maltese taverna.

Chris and Cyrille are still working on the menu, but they already have some standing points : a pumpkin velouté ; a traditional veal blanquette à l’ancienne ; a local rabbit with tarragon and mushrooms.

To book your table, only one number (actually two) : 2122 1699 or 7993 2985.


Photo Credits : Maxime Dergatcheff

Dernière modification : 09/03/2017

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