Good France reaches Gozo : Ta’Frenc !

Open more than 30 years ago, Ta’Frenc is a must-go in Gozo. The Chef Mario Schembri, trained in the French tradition, believes in sourcing local produce.

The managing team of the restaurant has not moved since the creation of Ta’French. This tells long about their commitment to their cuisine and the confidence they gained from their clients.

Don’t be mistaken : the name Ta’ Frenc has nothing to do with France. It means Francis’place. Francis was the owner of the farm that Ino Attard and Lino Cefai restored and refurbished. It won’t be any problem though for Ta’ Frenc to jump in Good France : Mario has a perfect knowledge of the French tradition, which he is able to colour with mediterranean accents, and the cellar is full of French wines !

To book : or mail to
Tel : 2155 3888 or 7945 4794

Dernière modification : 13/03/2017

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