IRAN – Response by foreign minister Laurent Fabius to a question from the National Assembly - Paris, November 12, 2013

France’s position, which is shared by the international community, is as follows: Iran is perfectly entitled to use civilian nuclear energy, but not the atom bomb. That is our position, which underpins every aspect of the negotiations. A few days ago, we had a long negotiating session in Geneva. It was useful. France offered its contribution. I want to emphasize that our position is the position of all six countries, the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany.

This proposal was presented to the Iranians who, following discussions, were unable to approve it at this stage. But we have set a date for further discussions. On November 20, our political directors will meet and I hope we can get this wrapped up. On what basis?

On the basis of firmness, but firmness does not mean being closed. It means France wants results—credible solid results, as you emphasized. I think we’ve made progress in Geneva. We didn’t serve the interests of this or that country. France is an independent country acting on behalf of regional and international security. That is, and will continue to be, our position./.

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Accueil de Jawad Zarif, ministre iranien des Affaires étrangères, par Laurent Fabius, ministre des Affaires étrangères (Paris, Quai d’Orsay). 05/11/2013
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