Innovation 2030: Worldwide Innovation Challenge

On 18 April 2013, the President of the French Republic launched the Innovation 2030 Commission, in order to foster talent and discover future champions of the French economy. It will accomplish this by identifying and providing support for both French and foreign entrepreneurs whose innovation projects have significant implications for the French economy. In doing this, the French government hopes to attract the world’s best talents who can complete their projects in France.

As part of the Invest for the Future Programme, and with support from the Public Investment Bank, the French government will allocate €300 million to co-finance innovative projects that comply with the seven goals (see below) defined by the Commission.
A 3-stage selection process

  • - Start-up Phase: from 2 December 2013, early-stage projects will be selected. There will be two intermediate closing dates of 30 January 2014 and 31 March 2014, and this phase will close when 100 projects have been selected. Companies whose projects are selected will receive financial support in the form of grants of up to €200,000 per project.
  • - Risk Reduction Phase: from 1 September 2014, support will be provided for the development of around 30 projects. In some instances, this support might be provided in the form of grants of up to €2 million. A specific call for projects with a separate timeline and specifications will be issued next year.
  • - Development Phase: from 2016 seven of the projects supported in Phase 2 will be given large-scale support for industrialization.

Applicants are under no obligation to participate in all three phases. This call for projects will be open to companies, large and small, French and foreign, or to consortia involving companies. Only research taking place in France will be financed. The selection process will be based on interviews with applicants whose projects meet the admissibility criteria and will not last longer than six weeks.
7 strategic goals of the Innovation Commission

The Innovation Commission has defined seven goals in very different areas; these goals can be seen as pillars for France’s future development. Company projects submitted to the Worldwide Innovation Challenge must correspond to one of the following seven goals:

  1. 1. Energy storage
  2. 2. Recycling of metals
  3. 3. Development of marine resources
  • 4. Plant proteins and plant chemistry
  1. 5. Personalised medicine
  2. 6. The silver economy - innovation in the service of longevity
  3. 7. Big Data

- For more information and to submit a project, visit the official website:


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