Josè Herrera participates in the S3C Paris


Josè Herrera participates in the S3C Paris

During his speech at the S3C – Smart Countries, Cities, Congress – held in Paris, Parliamentary Secretary Dr Josè Herrera said that the national ICT strategy is yielding results and contributing towards further prosperity in Malta. Thanks to the strong overall national performance in the ICT sector, Malta had reaffirmed its Standards and Poors credit rating as ‘A’ with a stable outlook performance. The same positive results were registered in the 2014 Digital Agenda Targets whereby more SMEs were now selling online. There was an increase from 10.4% in 2013 to 15.7% in 2014 while at the same time the EU average was 14.5%. Other positive results were registered in the usage of the internet regularly, increasing from 66.2% in 2013 to 70.2% in 2014 and more citizens using eGovernment services, up 10% in a year with 40.3% of the whole population making use of such services in 2014.

Josè Herrera said that these positive results were the result of the Digital Malta Strategy, which was launched by the Prime Minister of Malta in May 2014. The strategy, which is built on 3 strategic pillars, is supported by 3 horizontal enablers: regulation and legislation, infrastructure and human capital. He said that the Digital Malta Strategy was a long-term policy level strategy, supported by a programme of initiatives drafted on a yearly basis.

During his speech Josè Herrera outlined the work being carried out by this government in the field of ICT under the Digital Malta strategy. Such work includes:

-  implementing a more open government – such as ‘one stop shop’ and easier access to public services, so that citizens and businesses have closer interaction with the public administration;

-  the use of dynamic energy simulations to design effective policies and energy efficient measures;

-  a stronger push towards data sharing within the public administration and making public sector non-confidential and non-personal data available for re-use through an open data portal to enable economic growth and innovation;

-  developing educational games to make science subjects more appealing to students and to teach Maltese heritage, Information Security and energy saving measures;

-  promoting initiatives to increase the level of entrepreneurship, including the setting up of various Innovation hubs, which provide support to start-ups to experiment and take their innovative ideas to market;

-  the launch of new online services and drafting a cloud computing strategy;

-  the licensing of a new regime to render Malta attractive to satellite network filings and testing of 5G technology;

-  instigating better eCommerce especially in the field of the crafts industry, tourism and hospitality;

-  piloting and evaluating the best methods to introduce tablets in the primary classrooms;

-  drafting a cyber security strategy.

There is no doubt that this work is contributing towards making Malta a smart nation. “This is our path towards Malta prospering as a digital enabled nation in all sectors of society. We are on the right track and we are committed to continue to flourish into a smart nation”, said Dr Herrera.

The conference was held under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Mr. Laurent Fabius and the Secretary of State for Digital Technologies, Mrs. Axelle Lemaire.


Photo Credit: MEIB_PS

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