Malta Book Festival 2016 [fr]

The launching of the book Malta Hanina will take place on Saturday, 12th November. Due to an accident, Mr. Daniel Rondeau won’t be able to attend the event. Mr Charles Xuereb and Mr Anthony Aquilina will present the book, at 7pm, Malta Book festival main activity area (MCC Valletta).


Organized by the National Book Council, Malta Book Festival is held at the Mediterranean Conference Center in Valetta from November 9th to 13th 2016.

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Former French Ambassador to Malta, Daniel Rondeau will be the special guest of the festival.
His new novel, Malta Hanina, translated in Maltese by Professor Toni Aquilina (editions Faraxa) will be presented on Saturday, November 12th, at 7 pm, in the main area of activity.


Born in 1948, Daniel Rondeau is the author of nearly 20 books: novels (“Dans la marche du temps”, Grasset,2004), autobiography narratives (“Les vignes de Berlin”, Grasset 2006) and portrayals of Mediterranean cities (“Tanger”, “Istanbul”, “Alexandrie”, “Carthage”). He is also one of the founders of the publishing house Quai Voltaire in 1987.
Following his time as French Ambassador to Malta from 2008 to 2011, he published “Malta Hanina” in 2012, a multi-faceted portrait of the Maltese islands.

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JPEG With the support of the French Embassy, the book shop « La Boucherie » will present a selection of books from the new literacy season for the third year in a row. You will also find on their desk a selection of comic books, children books and many French novels.

JPEG For the very first time, the association Biblionef which provides brand new books to disadvantaged children all over the world, will attend the book fair. The association will present a sample of books intended to be distributed to local French teachers.

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