Malta Comic Con 2014 - 29/30 November


Comic Con 2014 will take place at Saint James Cavalier on:
Saturday, 29th November from 10AM to 6PM and on Sunday, 30th November from 11AM to 7PM

Fees :
• €10 for 1 day
• €15 for 2 days
• Free entry for children under 11 years old.



For 2014 edition, this Comic Book Festival will be welcoming French artist Jean-Louis Reiprich aka Mast.

Mast is a French digital artist who has been working on the web since he was a little 16-year-old punk (recently on “Watchmen 3″, French webcomics “L’Affaire DSK”, “Gonzoo” and “La Synthèse des Auteurs BD”).


He’s a storyboard artist for Marvel digital line: the Infinite Comics. He worked with Geoffo on "Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I?", "Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite", "Iron Man: Fatal Frontier", "Original Sin: Secret Avengers", "Thanos: A god up there listening", and "All-New Captain America: Fear Him!". He is also scheduled to work on more titles which will be announced shortly.

Mast is also the co-cartoonist of Jim The Duck’s comic strips, from NBC’s famous TV show Community.

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