Meeting with French economic actors based in Malta [fr]

The French Ambassador in Malta invited five French businessmen based in Malta to lunch on October 6, representing the PSA Group, RCI Insurance, Chiliz, ST Microelectronics and ForSea Invest. The meeting was an opportunity to consult these actors of the Maltese economic life on how the pandemic was affecting them and to gather their opinions on how the Embassy could contribute to strengthen the quality of their dialogue with the Maltese authorities.

JPEG Despite significant slowdown in the economic activity following the arrival of the pandemic on Maltese shores in March, our French companies were able to overcome the first wave thanks to an excellent preparation as early as by the end of 2019. When conditions allowed them to do so, they were able to benefit from the support measures put in place by the Maltese government, which enabled them to get through this period of instability with greater confidence.

While a second wave seemed to be taking off, these French companies established in Malta told us all the economic and health precautions they had already taken to deal with this eventuality, which has unfortunately since been confirmed. They have thus demonstrated all the foresight and prudence they are capable of despite the extreme confusion regarding the evolution of the pandemic.

All participants agreed on the common goal of strengthening economic ties between our two countries thereby contributing to the influence of France in Malta and to the prosperity of both the French community and the archipelago. They all recognized the relevance and the role that the Maltese-French Chamber of Commerce is called to play in bringing together French economic actors in order to amplify their voice at the Maltese decision-making level.

The Embassy was also delighted by the innovative and positive agenda put forward by our companies to contribute even more to the Maltese collective life, whether through support in a number of forward-looking issues such as digital technology or through enhanced cooperation in the field of education and vocational training.

Dernière modification : 30/10/2020

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