Notre-Dame de Paris

Press release from the French Ambassador to Malta (16 April 2019)

The fire that devastated Notre-Dame de Paris is a tragedy for the entire French nation and beyond its borders. The President of the Republic and all members of the government, the Mayor of Paris and the French citizens were all extremely shocked by the violence of the fire and the extent of the damage caused by the fire. An investigation was opened by the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office into the causes of the fire that broke out in the roof.

Exceptional means have been deployed to deal with the flames, both inside and outside the cathedral. 400 firefighters fought with composure, courage and determination, under very difficult conditions and at the risk of their lives. The structure of the cathedral, the facade and the two main towers are spared at this stage.

The President of the Republic spoke solemnly last night to salute the exceptional commitment of the fire brigade and share his sorrow with Catholics, Parisians, all French people and all those who have expressed their emotion and pain throughout the world. The President personally pledged that France would rebuild Notre-Dame by calling on the best talents and in the gathering. A subscription will be launched at national and international level.

I would like to thank, as well as my entire team, the many Maltese people who immediately showed their solidarity. The messages keep coming in and they are all deeply moving. I strongly feel your friendship through the very delicate words you send to me and my team. We would like to thank you very much for this.

As soon as they are in our possession, we will disseminate information relating to support for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your solidarity. Together we will rebuild./.

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