Organ recital at Saint John’s co-cathedral

The French Embassy organized in collaboration with Alliance Française de Malte - Méditerranée and Din l-Art Helwa an Organ Recital by Pierre Méa at St. John’s Co-Cathedral on Friday 18th June, 2010. This concert was part of The Bir Miftuħ International Music Festival.

�Mr. Edward Xuereb, member of the Din L-Art Helwa committee, welcomed the audience in this exceptional place. The French Ambassador Daniel Rondeau underligned then the importance of this date : June 18. This day, General de Gaulle called the free French to keep fighting. In these historical place and moment, Pierre Méa paid his respects to the kinghts of the Order and to the knights of Modern Times.

�L’Ambassadeur de France Daniel Rondeau souligna ensuite l’importance de cette date : le 18 juin. Ce jour où le Général de Gaulle appelait les français libres à continuer la lutte. En ces lieu et date historiques, Pierre Méa a rendu hommage à aux chevaliers de l’Ordre et à ces chevaliers des temps modernes.

�Before its recital, M. Pierre Méa presented his work as follows :


This is the key word that links the masters you will be listening to this evening.

�Tribute to France and Great-Britain as, the Ambassador just said, today we celebrate the 60th anniversary since General de Gaulle’s call in London through the work of two renowned 17th century composers, Henry Purcell and Nicolas de Grigny, French organist at the Reims’Cathedral.

�Tribute by J.S. Bach to France, through his “Pièce d’orgue”, the original title given by the composer himself is in French. This piece evokes the polyphonic works of Louis Marchand and of Nicolas de Grigny. The latter impressed the cantor of Leipzig so much that Bach recopied by hand the entire work of the organist from the Reims Cathedral which is the cathedral were the coronation of all French Kings took place.

�Tribute from organist Bach to the violin, as the fugue in D minor is a transcription by Bach of a fugue initially written for the sole violin.

�Tribute from Robert Schumann to the master Bach, through this fugue of which the main theme goes as follows: B flat, A, C, B. These notes, in the German music notation translate themselves as B –A – C –H .

�Tribute from Jehan Alain to the masters of the Renaissance period, in the variations on a theme originally created by Clément Jannequin.

� And with less emphasis, Tribute from myself as an organist, to Jehan Alain, an artist of great talent, a sort of St Exupéry of the music, who died too soon at the age of 29 during the Second World War, only two days after general de Gaulle’s address, on the 20th of June 1940.

�I hope that through its diversity tonight’s music will carry you through diverse eras, countries, and kindle dreams under these sacred arches.

�Refreshments will be served after the concert in the Sacristy.

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