Paris 2024 - Launch of the international promotion campaign

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault officially launched the campaign for the candidacy of Paris to host the Olympic Games in 2024

Together with Thierry Braillard, Minister of State for Sport, and Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, they presented Paris’s bid for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to the ambassadors of the countries represented in France.

This event forms part of the launch of the international campaign to promote Paris’s bid.


The Paris 2024 project is a priority for the government. France has a long tradition of hosting and organizing international sporting events, as well as recognized expertise.

"We want to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the world’s largest sporting event, which should be spectacular, festive, popular, and meaningful, and aim to demonstrate passion and commitment."

This is the promise made by Paris 2024 and France.


Dernière modification : 17/02/2017

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