Political Relations

Relations between the two countries are excellent in all areas whether political, economic or cultural. Malta’s accession to the European Union strenghtened the cooperation.

General assessment and visits:

Since Malta’s accession to the European Union, visits in both countries intensified. After Mr. Fillon met his counterpart in Malta on the 8th and 9th May 2008 (first visit to the island of a French Prime Minister), Mr Gonzi came to France, on October 20th the same year to inaugurate an exhibition organized under the French presidency of the European Union. Many ministerial visits also took place during the first half of 2008 (Jouyet, Hortefeux, Barnier) and last summer (M Woerth). Finally, the Franco-Maltese Parliamentary Friendship Committee met on November 26th in France at the Assemblée Nationale.

More recently, the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs visited Valletta (27th February 2009) to attend the concert "One Voice" hosted by the Ambassador of France to Malta and to participate to a discussion forum dealing with the policies settled in the Mediterranean area. This was the first visit by a French Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2005. The Minister of Immigration, Integration and National Identity, Eric Besson, also visited the archipelago in June to meet 79 people (and 18 children accompanying them) that were about to be welcomed in France.

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