Strengthening economic relations between Malta and France

Press statement by the ministry for finance: Maltese government is committed to strengthening relations with France

Reference Number: PR142375, Press Release Issue Date: Oct 16, 2014

“The Maltese Government remains fully committed towards strengthening and further developing relations between Malta and France through a more flexible and dynamic approach that facilitates business while allowing operators to benefit from the many advantages that trade and investment our country has to offer” said the Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna.

Prof. Scicluna was speaking during the opening address to the Maltese French Chamber of Commerce conference titled “France: Why and How? This conference was held at the BOV Conference Centre on Thursday 16th October 2014 and was attended by members from within the French Maltese business community.

Prof. Scicluna explained that the strong political and economical ties between Malta and France have over the years been nurtured and sustained through regular political and bilateral relations. He added that the double taxation agreement which has been in place since 1983 has assisted in generating economic growth and encouraged further trade and investment between the two countries.

Minister Scicluna highlighted the fact that over 116,533 French tourists visited Malta in 2013 and that the total trade between Malta and France amounted to €4.95 billion, an average of €619 million per year. He added that exports to France amounted to 10% of Malta’s total world-wide exports.

Prof. Scicluna went on to add that the Government is working to foster better bilateral relations with France with regard to the gaming sector with the aim of improving and strengthening regulations within this ever evolving industry.

In his closing comments, Minister Scicluna reiterated that Malta has a lot to offer to the French investor and that notwithstanding a history of economic cooperation there is still room for an increase in trade and investment in a number of sectors.

The distinguished speakers who addressed the conference included M. Jean-Daniel Tordjman CEO of Astarte International and M. Didier Bourguignon Director UBIFRANCE for Italy and Malta.

Speech by Minister Scicluna :

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