Talks by Professor Pierre Léna, member of the académie des sciences

“Early science education for all, a look to the future” - organised by the Embassy of France in collaboration with the Today Public Policy institute

Monday 21st March 2011 at 18:00hrs, Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Republic street, Valletta.

Abstract :

“Never before in history, the scientific knowledge of our world has been as rich and powerful as today. Science éducation in our schools, almost anywhere in the world, is questioned for its quality, but also for its goals. Following Georges Charpak, who created the successful movement La main à la pâte in France, with a rapid expansion worldwide, the lecturer address these questions”.

“Exoplanets, a fantastic new domain in astronomy” - in collaboration with the Physics department of the University of Malta

Tuesday 22nd March 2011 at 18:00hrs, Aula Magna, University of Malta Valletta Campus, Old university building, St Paul’s Street, Valletta

Abstract :

“Over 450 exo-planets (as they are named) have been found, in orbit around so many stars that the universal existence of planetary systems around a large fraction of the existing stars is now accepted. Many observational techniques with the largest existing telescopes or space missions are devoted to this quest, the ultimate goal of it being indeed to discover the existence of life outside our Solar system”.

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