The Embassy of France invites Lisa Portelli for two Rock and Folk concerts - 9th and 10th November

Lisa Portelli will be participating at the ’Festival Internazzjonali Tal- Kanzunetta Maltija 2013’ (The International Festival for the Maltese Song) , organized by the ’Malta Council for Culture and the Arts ’ and held at The ‘Mediterranean Conference Centre ’ in Valletta on Saturday November 9 from 19:30 onwards. This festival is back on the scene after an eleven-year absence.

Tariffs: €12 (Stalls Seating) , €15 (Dress circle seating)


On the following day, Lisa Portelli will be performing at the Sagrestia Vault, Valletta Waterfront. Situated in a very intimate location, this 16th century vault is connected to a small chapel and this gem is the perfect place to produce such a concert.

Free entrance


To underline the Franco-Maltese cooperation of this event, the alternative rock group, "Planet Seed” will be opening the evening. Nominated in the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards as the best new comers of 2012, “Planet Seed” will be performing at this event “unplugged”.

This event commences at 17:30 and a bar will be made available on location.



Lisa Portelli is a French musician who began her solo career singing anywhere, but certainly not anything. Music quickly became an ideal escape for Lisa and at 10 years old she began playing guitar somewhat by chance. As luck and destiny would have it, Lisa Portelli will have already recorded 9 tracks by the age of 13, before even receiving any official Music degree, but these tracks were never officially released.

At 15, Lisa performed her first concert on an open stage at the Goutte d’Or in Paris.By 2007, her first album was released, and the 20 year-old musician, who had by now been seduced by her own musical audacity, was able express her caustic sense of humour via the lyrics of her songs whilst her attitude on stage lay between modesty and savagery.

Later, discoveries of ‘Printemps de Bourges’ and ‘chantier des Francofolies’ ultimately swayed her decision to move to Paris where she would eventually meet Andoni Iturrioz, from the group "Je rigole" (or ‘just kidding’) whose talent as a lyricist allowed to fill the missing ingredients that were needed to complete her album. As it turned out, Lisa would then win the "Paris jeune talent" prize in 2010.

On stage she is able to let loose and have fun. Capable of motivating any crowd, she sings her songs with utmost passion, seriousness, resilience and modesty, with the ability of provoking a smile without being vulgar. One should neither confuse her for being childish. With two guitars and a drumset; her music gets straight to the point. Whilst her album may be considered as ‘Pop’, on stage she is most definitely a Rock star.

Lisa Portelli also admits to having a cheeky side to her but one may consider as being both somewhat masculine and sensual. As a result, she is able to surprise us as she alternates between gentleness and seriousness. A teenager at heart, her success has not changed her in any way as she continuously insists on delivering a high-quality performance. One thing that is sure is that Lisa Portelli’s music will always remain a beautiful memory to those who have listened to it.

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