The Mediterranean - a story worth sharing [fr]

The Ministers of Education from 17 countries will be participating at a conference launching the Mediterranean history manual, due to take place in Marseille on 2 and 3 December.

A group of fifteen historians and teachers from eight countries within Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East have developed common teaching materials designed specifically to assist history teachers.

The aim of this conference is to strengthen skills and knowledge in the teachings of history as well as citizenship education. Both these subjects will take into account the growing misunderstanding between the north and south shores of the region within increasingly culturally-diverse societies as a result of migration.

The project was initiated at a Mediterranean Cultural Assembly meeting in November 2008, spearheaded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs and serving part of the overall framework of the French Presidency of the European Union (FPEU) .

The inaugural conference will be open to the public on Tuesday, 3 December from 9h30 to 13h (whilst the 2 December conference is by invitation only.)


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