“The story of Rock n’Roll : La possession par les voix" , Conference given by Michka Assayas on December 2nd At St James Cavalier at 6p.m

On the occasion of the “Rock Dreams” exhibition, a conference entitled “the story of Rock n’Roll : the possession by the voices “ and organized in collaboration with l’Alliance Française Malte-Méditerrannée, will be given by the French specialist of rock’n’roll Michka Assayas, on Thursday December 2nd, at the St James Cavalier in Valletta at 6p.m.

�Literary critic, journalist as well as novelist, whose book “Exhibition” was rewarded the Figaro Magazine Prize in 2002 and the Prix des Deux- Magots in 2003, Michka Assayas is one of France’s references when it comes to the history of contemporary music.

�This rock’n’roll fan whose Dictionary of Rock’n’roll in 2002 is a classic today is a pioneer in many ways. In 2005 his book of discussions with Bono, lead singer of the group U2, was unanimously greeted by critics and readers all over the world. The work, translated into several languages, met with a considerable success everywhere .

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