Turkey – Results of the referendum (16 April 2017)

France takes note of the announcement of the results of the referendum held on April 16 in Turkey on the amendments to the Constitution adopted by the Grand National Assembly on January 21. The results were very close, highlighting the need for dialogue with the opposition forces.

It will closely examine the assessment report compiled by the OSCE and the members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe which took part in the observation of the referendum voting.

These constitutional amendments will introduce significant changes to Turkey’s system of government.

France, together with the EU, encourages Turkey to consider the next steps in a spirit of inclusiveness, in accordance with the values and commitments subscribed to the Council of Europe, including respect for pluralism, the separation of powers and the rule of law. It also calls on the Turkish government to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights, of which Turkey is a signatory, and which notably prohibits the use of the death penalty.

Dernière modification : 19/04/2017

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