United Nations Day (Oct. 24) [fr]

On this United Nations Day marking the anniversary of the UN Charter’s entry in force in 1945, France reaffirms its commitment to multilateralism and to the UN system.

The UN system is a unique instrument for dealing collectively, through dialogue and discussion, with the challenges that concern us all and which can only be resolved at the international level: peace and international security, terrorism, development, human rights, health, education, the climate, migrations. President Macron reaffirmed this conviction when he told the General Assembly on September 19 that “the challenge today, for our generation, is to rebuild that multilateralism. It is to explain that today, in the current state of the world, there is nothing more effective than multilateralism

France works toward this aim on a daily basis at the UN.

- As a permanent member of the Security Council, it assumes special responsibility for peacekeeping and international security. Of the five permanent members, it is the second-largest troop contributor, with 940 peacekeepers deployed in eight peacekeeping operations worldwide, and the fifth-largest contributor to the UN budget. We are working to reform the Security Council and make it more representative, and to restrict the use of the veto when mass crimes are committed

- As Security Council president for the month of October, France established two priorities: the Sahel crisis and the protection of children in armed conflicts. Jean-Yves Le Drian will be in New York on October 30 and 31 to work with our partners on these issues. The protection of humanitarian and medical personnel in conflicts and the trafficking of migrants, especially in the Mediterranean, are also on the agenda. The urgent need to improve the situation of the Rohingya will also be discussed.

France also remains committed to all multilateral issues:

- In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, which it spearheaded, on December 12 it will host a summit meeting in Paris in partnership with the UN and the World Bank to encourage public and private financial actors to become involved in the fight against climate change.

- With respect to education, it calls on the international community to take part, in 2018, in rebuilding the Global Partnership for Education, which it will co-chair with Senegal in Dakar.

- Healthcare and defending the freedom of the press are among the causes it champions. The President called for the designation of a special UN representative on the protection of journalists worldwide.

To make the UN more effective, France supports the ambitious reforms undertaken by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Dernière modification : 24/10/2017

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