Valeo : for your car, the future starts now

The French automotive equipment supplier is at the forefront of research to provide innovative solutions for comfort, safety and driving assistance: Bluetooth key InSync, multicamera system 360Vue, automatic parking Park4U ...

The mission of the Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group is to develop interface systems between the driver, the vehicle and the environment, which help to improve comfort and safety.

Focuses on intuitive driving, with four complementary priorities: easy, ergonomic interaction with the vehicle for the driver, driving agility with better visibility of the surrounding environment, connectivity, and safe, personalized access..

Park4U® is an automotive technology from Valeo that allows drivers to park easily.


360Vue® is an automotive innovation from Valeo’s Comfort and Driving Assistance business group that allows drivers to park and maneuver easily.


InSync is a Bluetooth-compatible key which lets drivers access their car remotely from their own mobile devices, such as smartphones or digital tablets.


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Dernière modification : 03/02/2014

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