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Based in France but with a solid international vocation, the manufacturing company TMWhas developed a patented technology of Multistage Humidification/Dehumidification.

This innovative and robust process of evaporative concentration (evaporation of water and pollution concentration) at atmospheric pressure allows for the recovery and enhancement of the calories present in discharges of heat waste through industry or via the use of solar or geothermal energy.

Its process is based on the natural cycle of water which recycles all volumes of contaminated liquid back into clean water.


TMW currently markets three sets of equipment for sale : Ecostill™ for industrial wastewater evaporation, Aquastill™ for sea & brackish water desalination, and TET plastic plate heat exchangers for corrosive fluids.

1. Ecostill™ is an easy stand-alone evaporator requiring no membrane and no vacuum chamber. It concentrates on industrial wastewaters to reduce the constraints and cost of their treatment.

2. Following the same principle, Aquastill™ allows for easy purification of seawater or brine into purified drinking water. It can adapt to residual solar or geothermal energy sources in isolated or remote areas. When compared to reverse osmosis, Aquastill requires less chemical pre-treatments. The impact of brine discharge is therefore less sensitive to the environment.

EcoStill and Aquastill products result from soft distillation technology "MHD"invented by Jean-paul DOMEN and developed by the company TMW technology. That technology evaporates and condenses water with a very low energy cost.

3. At the heart of these machines are plastic plate heat exchangers, created by Thermal Exchange Technologies (TET), which are used to recover the evaporation’s energy.

For the development of these technologies, TMW SA received funding under the public/private programme ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management)-TOTAL on energy efficiency in the industrial sector.

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Plaquette de présentation des produits TMW
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These products are among the "34 products of new industrial France", innovating projects supported by the Ministry for Production Recovery (Ministère du Redressement Productif).

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