ŻiguŻajg Arts Festival for Children and Young People

The St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta, is organizing from the 19th to 25th of November 2012 the second edition of the ZIGUZAJG Art Festival for children. A rich and varied program for children from two to fifteen years.


The Embassy of France will be participating in this event with the show "The Story of Babar," which will be presented Saturday, November 24 at 10 30 in the Music Room. During this show, pianist Damien Luce will recite in English the story Babar, text Jean de Brunhoff and playing the music by Francis Poulenc.

The story of Babar

The wife of Jean de Brunhoff Cecile, is at the origin of the story Babar. She used to tell stories to his two sons, Laurent and Mathieu. One of which, described, the adventures of a little elephant that fled on foot from the forest to escape the hunter and arrives in a city where he dresses like a man. Returning to his home by car, he spreads the benefits of civilization and is crowned king of the elephants.
The story as recounted by their mother, a pianist by profession pleases them so much they tell their father, a painter, about it. He is inspired to make an illustrated book for family use. His brother Michel de Brunhoff and his brother Lucien Vogel, excited, publish it in large format at the editions Jardin des Modes under the title The Story of Babar the Little Elephant (1931), at the time of the Colonial Exhibition.
The character knows unprecedented success with four million copies sold before 1939, the year which marks the acquisition of rights by Hachette, Babar also found an enormous success in the United States. At the death of his father in 1937, Laurent de Brunhoff, continues the adventures of Babar and adapted them for French television in 1969.


After his mother was killed by a hunter, Babar the elephant escapes from the jungle and arrives in a large city, exhausted, he befriends the old lady who provides for his education. After several years, he finally returns to the kingdom of elephants following the death of the king, who ate poisonous mushrooms. Babar is crowned king, marries his cousin Celeste, restores peace and founded the city of Celesteville in which all the animals build their house with its distinctive architecture and live according to their own customs.

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